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Custom Jewellery

If you like any of my jewellery but don't see the right piece, I can work with you to design a custom piece.

Just fill out the Custom Order Request Form so I can get a basic idea of what you are looking for; I will then work with you via phone or email (your preference!) as I make a piece to meet your request. We might have to work back and forth a few times as the options are literally endless! If you don't like it, you don't take it. . . and we'll work until we got one just for you!

Jewellery Parties

Want something different for a party? Been to one too many tupperware evenings? Why not try a jewellery party?

As hostess of a party, you can decide how you want the party to go. You can have a mini-fashion show with your friends, display the jewellery to linger over as you wish, or combine the party with a dinner or event like a shower. The hostess will receive 10% of guest sales in free merchandise as well as a free hostess gift. Guests are welcome to buy or not as they like, just as long as everyone has fun! And I will bring along a sample of stones and specialty focal beads, so that your guests have the option of choosing their own custom piece right there! I guarantee that custom pieces will be completed within 1 week of the party.

Please fill out the Party Request Form for more information or to book a party.

Please note that I will work with you on special requests, such as a "teaching" party, where your guests might design and make their own piece to wear home with them! Please contact me for details on this specialty party.


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